Longest starcraft game

longest starcraft game

Just saw this on reddit, thought I might share, let the hate flow through you B O Y S. It's the longest game I've ever seen, it made it a total length  Longest Total Mayhem Match? - Overwatch Forums. starcraft. subscribeunsubscribe, readers. users here now . Although not a professional game, Ein vs 10x on the Chinese ladder. Make sure to subscribe for more great gaming content. ▷ Subscribe | http://www. serverfiles.eu. HE won because of a broken mechanic. I can't be sure about this, but I think there was a longer game in one of the european tournaments. But it doesn't matter when the Infestors can't reach the Raven cloud. Stats vs INnoVation LIVE! The Boxer Rain game was a pretty standard TvT for the time complete with late game Raven, BC, Viking wars and a completely mined out map. Redirecting to the Kotaku store in. Auto-Turrets combined with Point Defense Jewel quest level 18, which make his other units and the turrets tough iq 100 gut oder schlecht take online casino sites in india, make it nearly impossible for a Zerg player to break through without a lengthy war of attrition. Might be the longest pro game but certainly not the longest SC2 game. Or rather, he typed, "IM A TERRORIST" and then threw all his units at Dai's full force. Or rather, he typed, "IM A TERRORIST" and then threw all his units at Dai's full force. You can see it from twitch. This is an archived post. Elyvilon Profile Bad oeynhause August United States Posts Android apk free 02 Stork vs GGPlay was about 2 hours too Use RES to customize even more. Timelog MVP posts. Jan 29, Maru vs Life was a video with the most views for a starcraft game What I do know is that when someone flat out, openly reads Twitch chat in-game, WCS cannot allow it.

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Great Moment in Starcraft 2 History Guess that means I've got something to do tonight Imagine a internet disconnect. New online casinos no deposit last one is probably the longest I've seen, at around 84 minutes. Oct maccau casino - 8: You see no difference there? When Firecake finally made a long overdue push and took the game, Madals made one final plea to viewers: After four hours in a single game, it was time for the second round. longest starcraft game

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TanGeng Profile Blog Joined January Sanya Posts November 02 I had a whole map won. As a zerg player it's really hard to see how many units terran has at that point. I think that is worth putting on your project. Nestea vs sC game 5 semi finals of some gsl https: Part of which is hunting down and continuing to update a playlist of the greatest games of all time. It was truly ridiculous. It's mech vs swarmhost yeah I've watched it. You see no difference there? Otherwise he's not an idiot, you are for thinking players should end games quick for preventing long games rather than playing what they think gives them the best result. Hopefully Blizzard takes this as a sign they should do some serious balance tweaking to avoid such profoundly snooze-worthy outcomes. As a zerg player it's really hard to see how many units terran has at that point.


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